I have been itching to shoot, New York is so inspirational, yet I haven't picked up my camera. What I think is a big part of it is, after work from 8-5 I am just tired and want to go lay in bed with Stephen, eat some take out and go to sleep early for the next work day but I wish I had some more motivation to go out and shoot something!! I am getting angry at myself. We only have 3 weeks left and I have yet to take more than a handful of pictures with my 35mm or dslr. I think another reason is my stupid laptop. It is so ridiculously slow and is a pain in the butt! I thankfully have a new desktop at home that I miss dearly :( and thought bringing my laptop would be nice to have in NYC, but it has really not been a help at all. I tried to open Photoshop the other day on it, and it immediately started to slow down and then I had the gut wrenching feeling of being lost in Photoshop!! I will need to take a day when I get back home and reacquaint myself with CS5, all the shortcuts and my normal workflow, oh how I miss it...

Anyways...I am going to make a pact right here, right now. Starting today I am taking my camera with me everywhere (even if I look like a freakin tourist!). I feel like I have been here long enough that I can be considered a New Yorker and take some damn pictures!! Deal.

For now I have some beautiful images from Fashion Gone Rogue...Enjoy!

Above:Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue Australia November 2010 by Nicole Bentley

Above:Lisanne de Jong by Alvaro Beamud Cortes in The Greatest

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