...One Eye Open...

My most recent shoot was on Sunday. I am quickly realizing that I graduate this Sunday, therefore I need to use all the school's resources as much as I can!! I finally decided to do a little arts and crafts to spice up my concept. I went to Michael's, piled up my basket high, went home put on a movie, and went to work! I must say I like how everything turned out...here are some of my final images(click them to make biggggger):

<3 Megan Bolger



I wanted to repost my boyfriends images from his blog. I love these photos and think they turned out amazing!! I just wanted to share them with the world. <3

Stephen Gutierrez Photography: © Stephen Gutierrez: "© Stephen Gutierrez"


...More Olivia...

So I finally had time to edit a couple more of Olivia's shoot! And now I present them to you:



So, if you can remember I did a Andy Warhol shoot about 3 months ago for my class. My friend Adam, who helped me on set, recorded some backstage videos and I am finally putting them up!! Plus a couple more photo's from that shoot that I edited. ENJOY:


...Back to Cali...

I am back in California, back to school, and YES, finally shooting again! It feels oh so splendid. I did a shoot this last Saturday with the beautiful Olivia Shove. Here are my favorites:

love love love



I really hate how much our generation relies on technology. Cell phones, social networking, texting, and emails. I am no saint in this department and constantly am on one of these devices if not multiple. When is it time to unplug? If it weren't for my parents or grandparents I would rarely talk to someone over the phone. Texting is a constant in my life and I feel I have become so detached from relationships because of this. And because of texting and ichatting, it becomes easier to write words than to feel them. Interpretation is all over the place when there are simply words and not emotions behind them. I have been a victim, as well as, a culprit in these type's of conversations. I hate that.

Facebook is another situation. I guess it depends on what type of person you are and how seriously you take things via the internet but these social networks have completely obliterated face to face contact. I actually tend to miss High School because I was surrounded by my friends, constantly. It is like taking all your Facebook friends and having them all around you, actually speaking words and the walls echoing with laughter, compared to the "lol" and "rofl" replies you get from the internet. I highly doubt you are "laughing out loud" or "rolling on the floor laughing". I almost forget the feeling of literally laughing so hard your sides hurt and tears are streaming down your face.

I am sad to say that in my last relationship we were both on our cell phones or computer constantly. Even though we were sitting in the same room or even next to each other we weren't really involved in what the other was doing, we weren't connecting in an emotional way but simple both zoned into our computers. It really is sad thinking about all the free time we had to spend together, just the two of us, that we didn't take advantage of. Just to sit and talk to each other, genuinely listen to what they had to say, how their day was. Face to face, eye to eye. How are two people suppose to connect intimately when phones are buzzing and the glow of the computer is mesmerizing. I want a relationship where, there is life outside the computer, facebook, texting, smartphones. I want to unplug.  

I sometimes get to go and watch my grandpa play with his band at a night club or dance and it is amazing to see these elderly people out there dancing and laughing and enjoying themselves. When they were our age they got to sit on a porch, drink some sweet tea, and most likely had a chaperon watching their every move. I would love to have gone out to dance, a dance that actually was classy and technical. Being asked to dance, and just feeling the music. This is kind of off topic, haha. But the point is they had to actually get off their butts and go see each other, travel around, make plans.

But technology, though usually advertised as making things simpler has seemed to only make life more complicated for my generation. As much as technology has brought us easier ways to keep in touch, be organized, and share anywhere anytime, it has also brought a whole different level of insecurities, bullying, and danger. It has just become such a greater burden in my life than help. It has brought out a side of me I don't like, I mean feeling such insecurities because of what someone says on the computer or on a text message, seems ridiculous. Those are just words typed out. Real love, real emotions come from the heart which are spoken from the mouth, not typed into a text message. I have come to realize that people who use texting or other such things to say nice things or flirty things or mean things are just cowards hiding behind words, seeking some sort of reaction that they could never face or don't want to face in person. It has all become so fake. It is really disgusting and most of the time pathetic.

I feel like the people who know this, who have realized this much sooner than me, are the ones who are truly enjoying life and living it to it's greatest potential. They aren't tied down by cords, they live life the way they should, completely happy, uncomplicated, and free.

One day I will just unplug and disappear and make people come find me. It will be the greatest adventure of my life.



So a couple days so far the stylist has been gone and I have become the substitute. It's stressful knowing that anyone can view stuff that I style online and people buy things based on what they look like on the website. But I also knew I could rely on the retoucher for helping a little in post. Deana makes styling these lay downs look easy. It definitely took me more time than it would her but I think I did okay for never having done anything like this before. Here are some of the images that are on the website:

the back of my head while I style



Ok, now let's talk about my internship! First off, I would say I am more the studio intern than necessarily just the photographer's intern. I assist with the stylist and some of the computer, digital tech, stuff as well. Here are the characters in my story:

Seth is the Photographer, Deana is the Stylist, and Sarah is the Retoucher.

Deana on the Left

This is the crew!...plus me
Pretty much our daily routine consists of shooting different clothing and accessories for the Tommy website. Sometimes things get repetitive but the people I work with make up for it! Unfortunately the internship is not what I was expecting, but everything is an experience. I have gotten to learn a lot about styling and have actually styled for the Tommy Website! One more thing to add to the resume. I can't believe I only have 2 more weeks here...crazy.

Here is a shot Deana and I styled for Barney's:



I have been itching to shoot, New York is so inspirational, yet I haven't picked up my camera. What I think is a big part of it is, after work from 8-5 I am just tired and want to go lay in bed with Stephen, eat some take out and go to sleep early for the next work day but I wish I had some more motivation to go out and shoot something!! I am getting angry at myself. We only have 3 weeks left and I have yet to take more than a handful of pictures with my 35mm or dslr. I think another reason is my stupid laptop. It is so ridiculously slow and is a pain in the butt! I thankfully have a new desktop at home that I miss dearly :( and thought bringing my laptop would be nice to have in NYC, but it has really not been a help at all. I tried to open Photoshop the other day on it, and it immediately started to slow down and then I had the gut wrenching feeling of being lost in Photoshop!! I will need to take a day when I get back home and reacquaint myself with CS5, all the shortcuts and my normal workflow, oh how I miss it...

Anyways...I am going to make a pact right here, right now. Starting today I am taking my camera with me everywhere (even if I look like a freakin tourist!). I feel like I have been here long enough that I can be considered a New Yorker and take some damn pictures!! Deal.

For now I have some beautiful images from Fashion Gone Rogue...Enjoy!

Above:Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue Australia November 2010 by Nicole Bentley

Above:Lisanne de Jong by Alvaro Beamud Cortes in The Greatest