Whenever I see a cornfield I just have the urge to sprint into it, weaving in and out, getting lost. Just going off the grid for a while. Laying down in the field, looking up at the long corn stalks sweetly swaying in the wind. To hear nothing else but the dirt and the earth and the plants grow, not a human voice, no buzz of electricity or hum from the TV.

Whenever I see a big green rolling hills I have the urge to run straight up, sit under the shade of a big old tree and just daydream. I want to explore the valleys and tumble from the top to the bottom. I want to run until I collapse onto the plush green ground. I want the warm wind to caress my face. Pack a picnic and leave all clocks behind.

Whenever I see a body of water, a lake or the ocean or a river, I want to shed all things materialistic. Throw off my clothes, shoes, phone, ego, and pride and jump right into the calming depths. Let the waves crash over me and rejuvenate my soul. Let the cold water awake my inner being, make me feel every inch of my body and my pulse vibrating through my viens. I want to be fully emerged under, dancing in the constant numbing motion. I want to feel the rush of goose bumps climb up my skin as I get out into the open air and breathe in new life.

Even more so I want friends to be by my side. I want to feel the true human connection minus the wall posts, tweets, text messages, and status updates.

I want to feel someone's hand in mine as we jump off cliffs into the water. I want to hear everyone break out in song around a camp fire. I want to hear the laughter of friends just being free and young and living life to the fullest. It is so hard for our generation to get out from behind the computer, or our phones, or ipads, or whatever else we carry around to stay "connected".

It is so sad that there is so much beauty in our lives outside our houses and our cars, beyond the tall buildings and traffic lights. Just waiting to be discovered. Longing to be seen, heard, and touched.

I am making it a goal to get out. Go somewhere, anywhere. See part of the world that I haven't seen before, wether it is a quick road trip or a plane ride. I want to get away and explore. I want to be free from all these cables and wires that tie us down. I want to rediscover the earth under my bare feet and the feel of true friendship and connection between people. It's time.

...My Hood...



So my sister's boyfriend (whoshouldbemarriedbynow) has taken up blogging. Sometimes he shares a little too much information but it is still pretty funny. Check out his blog if you need a good laugh:


Keep in mind he is a nuclear engineer, who just became a zumba instructor who also loves musicals... so it sometimes can be a little nerdy. But we love him :)


So, I have been busy trying to involve myself and my work on all the social networks out there. So far I have: facebook, facebook fan page, twitter, blogger, linked in, tumblr, model mayhem, model url, stumble upon, and if this even counts etsy.

I have also decided that this is going to be my personal blog. I will still share my photos but I need an outlet to write and this is going to be it. It is going to become very personal, just a warning. I am going to leave my inspirations and random stuff to my tumblr blog: caseyfyfe.tumblr.com. I will still be posting my own work here.

I have realized how much I miss writing. Wether it is about how I feel, what I saw today, the people I met, or just about my career, my trails and tribulations. I just want to start again, be able to release myself through writing. If I wasn't a photographer I would have done something with journalism or creative writing. The one class that I loved at SDSU was my creative writing class. Maybe I'll dig up some old stuff to post.

I am realizing more and more how much I want to do something to better the world. I love taking pictures of beautiful people but I am almost getting a feeling of disgust. Why do these people define beautiful, who looked at them and went "yes you are more beautiful than the rest"? My friend Morgan and I were discussing these things and I think she really made these feelings clear to me. Who wakes up one day, looks in the mirror and realizes, I am so amazing beautiful that I should represent all of the worlds standards on what is beautiful. And Morgan said, "that is the exact reflection of being self conscious". I can not say that I loath shooting people who are models. Many of times the person makes the picture, which is sad to say. I love watching someone get all done up with makeup and hair and just radiate in front of the camera.

I am making some MAJOR changes in my life. And I can't wait :)
stay tuned....

...Oh Olivia...