...Silver Factory...

My other amazing photoshoot I did was one I have been waiting to do for a while! I recreated Andy Warhol's Silver Factory. I had three characters, Andy, Edie Sedgwick, and Andy's main photographer during that period Billy Name. His entire warehouse studio was covered in tinfoil, including the doorhandles, props, furniture, and anything else he could get his hands on. The research I uncovered was amazing, Name was simply given a honeywell pentax film camera and asked to shoot. He mainly shot Edie, Andy's muse at the time, while she danced in and around the factory. Nothing was too posed, everything was natural and interactive. The whole thing seemed so glamourous, until all the drugs took a toll. But I had an amazing day shooting these three characters, as well as, some just of my model, Daisy Bree, who played my Edie. Have a look:


...Pool Side...

...Sneak Peek...

Here is a sneak peek of the photoshoot I did today :) My friend Nicolette drove from San Fran just for 2 days to model for me!! These are only from the first outfit we used, there are many many more to come:



Hey Friends!

So this weeks photoshoots included a fashion without fabric concept! I was lucky enough to collaborate with a model named Melissa Feehan, who also happens to design clothes. That worked out perfect since designing isn't really my strong suit, especially when you can't even work with fabric! So she made an amazingly awesome dress out of tissue paper and wrapping paper. She also did her own makeup with crazy silver glitter! She was wonderful to work with and I got some amazing shots. Have a look:

Loved working with her! Click to see bigger :)



Ok another shoot I shot this weekend was an Eyewear advertisement. It was supposed to be the shot know that it was going to be a billboard advertisement, with specific dimensions! Check it out:

   Model: Morrigan Drew <3


Another week, another assignment, or five! This week/weekend was hectic with shooting but I loved it. Here are my shots from an assignment called alternative lighting. We had to use light from a source that you wouldn't normally use to light a person photographically. So no studio strobes, no sunlight, no reflectors! I ended up using decorative yard lights and pool light, I think they both turned out pretty darn cool. Check them out:

Click to supersize :)