Another assignment in my class is the drop tank. This is where we drop objects into a large tank of water and capture the picture right as it descends into the gulping splashing water. It was a lot of fun and rather wet but this is what I came out with:

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So in my previous post you saw the water drip sequence I did for class...then we moved on to "Glamour" drip. It took Andrew and I a little to get things going but these were the three I ended up choosing...


...Ray Traces...

So I am kind of doing everything out of order! So here are 5 of my ray traces from IND414...I would explain the way that we make these cool designs but its a magic secret of the Industrial class :) Lets just say it took me from a closet with a light bulb to a hallway with a smoke alarm and finally ended perfectly in a bathroom with a shower rod!

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...Simply Amazing...

This photo my wonderful boyfriend took...it makes me heart smile every time i look at it <3

It was for his Portfolio class...and was my favorite in his book plus his fine art stuff...which was amazing too! We actually bought 3 mice at a pet store and had them running all around the Mason Studios. Finally we got this perfect shot pretty much at the end of his shoot, it was an exhausting and slightly frustrating. They also pooped and peed all over his computer! We then thought it best to release them into the wild, instead of returning them to the pet store to get sold as food. As soon as we dropped them out of the bag they just sat there and didn't run or anything! We felt bad leaving them there because really they were born in captivity so they had no wild instincts. But it was nicer to know that they had a chance of a free life instead of a cage and getting fed to a big snake! I still think they are alive and running free through the long grass and living out their little mice lives luxuriously...i can only dream right?!

© Stephen Gutierrez

i miss our little mice!!

c <3 s

LA Cinema Makeup School

So i recently did the LA Cinema Makeup School's beauty graduate photos...these were some of the ones i liked:

We took so many photos and all the makeup was pretty amazing. I wish I could do makeup as well as photo. It would be an amazing duo for our business especially through school since we are on a student budget. 

Since I was in LA I called my best friend Brookanne who lives, works, and dances in the city. I had her come assist me for a little and be my stand in model while the real ones were still in makeup. I decided to add the best ones from her shoot to this post. I can't help but laugh looking at them! I love her and she is probably going to be angry I put these up <3

Click to make bigger...esp number five...best one of the bunch!

New Class Time

So we are into week 3 of the session and this is the first thing I have to show for my class! haha...my drip sequence :)

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Hello Again...

So this is mainly for my parents...haha...since my mama is one of my 3 followers :) this is my composite from last sessions photo class, Advance Photoshop. I worked on it forever...you tell me...does it look real?

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