...Simply Amazing...

This photo my wonderful boyfriend took...it makes me heart smile every time i look at it <3

It was for his Portfolio class...and was my favorite in his book plus his fine art stuff...which was amazing too! We actually bought 3 mice at a pet store and had them running all around the Mason Studios. Finally we got this perfect shot pretty much at the end of his shoot, it was an exhausting and slightly frustrating. They also pooped and peed all over his computer! We then thought it best to release them into the wild, instead of returning them to the pet store to get sold as food. As soon as we dropped them out of the bag they just sat there and didn't run or anything! We felt bad leaving them there because really they were born in captivity so they had no wild instincts. But it was nicer to know that they had a chance of a free life instead of a cage and getting fed to a big snake! I still think they are alive and running free through the long grass and living out their little mice lives luxuriously...i can only dream right?!

© Stephen Gutierrez

i miss our little mice!!

c <3 s

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