...Hello Lips...

My other photoshoot this week was a cosmetic shot, with use of a hard light. I choose to do lipstick as my product and here is my final image, a bit crazy but I like the way it turned out!!

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...Down in Mexico...

Down in Mexico is a series of images depicting an escape to a little place down below, of course, with a little bubbly.
My beautiful models are; Ammi Tanaka, Morrigan Drew, and Laura Lassaude

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...Express This...

Oh back to the grind of school and work. I feel like I need to find my MOJO again, some sort of motivation! I am currently taking a People class and there is a lot of pressure to have portfolio ready images. I need to get on top of it and push myself hard this class, yet it hasn't started happening yet. It better pretty freaking soon because I need it starting today!! So one of our first assignments was to capture 20 expressions from one person. I shot the beautiful Ammi Tanaka, with her big pretty eyes and I got some really beautiful shots, some were hard to put an exact expression to but at least 10 had a definite one. So we will see how crit goes tomorrow! Here are a few of my favorites:

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