I have been playing around with some images I shot for a pretty girl named Dezzi, who I am sure is going to become a super model! I wanted to do something more fun and creative for me, because I know they need more natural and clean editing for her Zed Card. Here are some of my favorites:

What do you all think??



I have decided starting next monday that I am going to wear lipstick for a week. The only times I have ever worn lipstick was when I was little or in a play. I think me and my best friend Brookanne got in a 3 month fight over not sharing lipstick when we were about 6 years old. Maybe that is what has always turned me off, something so powerful it could break up a friendship, haha. Plus it's always sticky and gets on your teeth and there is just something about it that turns me off. I also think it is a generational thing, my Nona wouldn't go out of the house without lipstick on but rarely are girls my age constantly applying lipstick in their normal makeup regime.

Chapstick on the other hand, whew, don't get me started. I love my chapstick. Not Carmex, or Soft Lips, or even Burts Bees, I love my ChapStick brand.  I like to keep one in my purse, my car, my jean pockets, and my bathroom. I would constantly keep one in my bra if it didn't deform my boob. Maybe that's what I should invent, a bra with a little pocket on the side for your chapstick, I'll get on that, proto type coming soon! Growing up in such a dry place chapped lips was a constant battle. I think my mom sister and I have gotten in fights about who's chapstick is who's and sneakily stealing each others. We should have just resulted to black sharpie-ing our names onto the tube, or our initials on the top, then there could be no mistake who the chapstick really belonged too. Even though running to 7-11 and buying a new one for 1.99 would have taken about 5 minutes we still just kept "borrowing" each others, permenintly.

Lately a trend of bright red lips has resurfaced, old hollywood glamour sort of look. It is beautiful, on the right person, with the right hair, and dress. Of course there are commercials with Drew Barrymore talking about lasting lip shades, no smear, no shine, ect ect. These are somewhat enticing, although I would never think about purchasing any. So how did this come about in my head? Well my boyfriend, Stephen, is a photographer as well and he shoots product. He recently did a shoot with Chanel lipstick. He wanted something expensive with a bright red shade. Since he couldn't return the opened package, he gave it to me and that is what started the wheels turning. I have this beautiful bright red lipstick and nothing to wear it with or for...

...So I have decided, for a week I am going to wear lipstick. I will post a picture everyday on here. I have one other color from a makeup kit I bought for a class, much more subtle, so I will wear them both as well as create my own color for fun. Although this seems simple and easy, I am some what nervous about it. Drawing attention to my lips has never even crossed my mind, now with bright red ones, won't everyone be staring? And I also have to pick out the perfect outfits to wear with red, I mean red doesn't go with everything! So much to plan for just a lip shade. I mean what if I can't pull it off?? I just look stupid and get red all over my teeth?? Will someone tell me if it's smeared across my face??

Well now that I have released my insecurities about the matter, I am more eager to do it. Maybe it will look amazing, and I betcha it will make my teeth look whiter, bonus! 

p.s. I think this might be somewhat out of boredom as well, since I am currently unemployed and working freelance when needed. Oh well, you have to entertain yourself somehow right? 

Time to PUCKER UP!!!

...it has been a while...

Oh my goodness, how horrible have I been at blogging lately?! Terrible, horrendous, disappointing, yes I know but I kind of have an excuse of sorts. Lets see there was graduation, christmas break, organizing my life, trying to find a job, and moving to LA. Whew. But now I am settled, well mostly settled...I still have unpacking to do, here in my little studio with kitty. I don't know if I will ever get used to it being this quiet, so for now I constantly have movies playing! Right now, Marie Antoinette is screening in the front room/bedroom.

So moving took a little longer than planned but before I dive into my new adventures in LA, I want to rewind to graduation. I did a video with my little flip during graduation and the big night out the thursday before and I have yet to post it anywhere, so here it is...the debut of Casey & Friends Finally Graduate!!!!


So crazy, three years went by so fast!! I love all of you and am so glad I went through this experience with the people I did. It could not have been better <3

...working on the Christmas Zumba video...coming soon :)