...it has been a while...

Oh my goodness, how horrible have I been at blogging lately?! Terrible, horrendous, disappointing, yes I know but I kind of have an excuse of sorts. Lets see there was graduation, christmas break, organizing my life, trying to find a job, and moving to LA. Whew. But now I am settled, well mostly settled...I still have unpacking to do, here in my little studio with kitty. I don't know if I will ever get used to it being this quiet, so for now I constantly have movies playing! Right now, Marie Antoinette is screening in the front room/bedroom.

So moving took a little longer than planned but before I dive into my new adventures in LA, I want to rewind to graduation. I did a video with my little flip during graduation and the big night out the thursday before and I have yet to post it anywhere, so here it is...the debut of Casey & Friends Finally Graduate!!!!


So crazy, three years went by so fast!! I love all of you and am so glad I went through this experience with the people I did. It could not have been better <3

...working on the Christmas Zumba video...coming soon :)

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