...Italian Vogue...

So recently some of my friends from Brooks had been loading things on Facebook about how Italian Vogue had selected some of their photos. Slightly grumbling with jealousy I looked through what they had selected and then shook it off and decided to investigate what they were doing and found it was simple. Sign up to start a portfolio on their website and upload images. The editor of Italian Vogue and others went through the images one by one and decided wether they fit the criteria and could be showcased on the site. So you uploaded, named the image, gave a quick description, added some tags to easily search by and sent it in. The ones awaiting approval could be seen but as soon as they had been rejected they disappeared from the area. Or if they were accepted they showed up in your portfolio. My initial upload of about five images immediately disappeared.  Slightly dismayed I moved on. Then I started looking through some other people's portfolios on the site and realized I needed to try again. I then uploaded about 20 or so images and yes they finally picked some. Although some of them I never would have thought they'd pick but I'm not complaining! So here are the photos they chose. I love that they have the Vogue Italia watermark on them, haha, just makes me smile. I don't want to lead anyone on though, it is simply on their website and no I don't shoot for Vogue and only the top 4 photos will be published in their magazine BUT it did say that having work selected is a huge beneficial way to get your name into the Vogue community. So here is the link: Italian Vogue Profile and here are the images:

Models Include: Nicolette Amarillas, Olivia Shove, Casey Fyfe (me), Stephen Gutierrez, Danielle Sepanik, Dessaray Greminger, Morrigan Drew, Laura Lausade, Ammi Tanaka, & Pilar Alexandria


...Mini Chaplin...

My co-worker Mari asked me if I could take pictures of her nephew in his halloween costume. Of course I obliged! He was the cutest little thing and it was easy to take pictures of him running around. His name is Liam but in disguise he is a little mini Charlie Chaplin:

Baby & Mama


...Katie Orlofske...

I was lucky enough to shoot with Katie Orlofske the other day! She is a country singer here in LA and wanted some new photos for her website before she left for Nashville. We had way too much fun and I can't pick just one favorite so here are a few with  more to come :) Click below to go to her website and listen to some of her awesome music:


...Elena & Art...

Here are their edited selects!

And they finally picked a date, so here is the NEW save the date image :)




Hey There,

I wanted to update you all on the recent engagement shoot I did! It was for some good friends of mine, Elena and Art who both attended UCLA. They choose to shoot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and it ended up being a beautiful and perfect location! They are still choosing their final favorites but here are a couple I edited:

I can't wait to see what they pick! Much happiness and love to the soon to be married couple <3


...Sean McBride...

I had posted a preview of Sean McBride's headshot shoot but I just finished editing his selects and thought I would share! I was introduced to him through my wonderful childhood friend Rachel Ferensowicz, who is also his beautiful girlfriend. And hopefully I will also be doing some head shots for her as well next week. Sean is breaking into the acting industry and already has great work under his belt, can't wait to see his face on the big screen. Here are our favorites:

...Family Portraits...

I did some recent family portraits for my boyfriends family. I have only edited a couple since they haven't picked out their selects but I thought I would share a few...


...Oh me Oh my....

So I have recently been shooting! Right?! Crazy. I shot a wedding in Morgan Hill, CA, with Andrew Gutierrez this past weekend. It was a nice small wedding, with a little bit of a country feel. I got some really cute shots of them out in the field with the sun shining behind them. Here are some I edited:

Then yesterday I shot an up and coming musician named Kenneth Polo, aka KP. Here is one that I have edited:

More to come!

And today I shot my amazing friend Rachel's boy here in LA. He needed some new updated headshots. I love taking headshots but when I edit I have to tone it down a little, so on here I am going to post how I would tweak it just that little more to add my style. Here are some I edited:

That's it for now...more to come!