So I am trying to be better at this!!

I am going to recap our first couple days/weeks here because I don't agree with everything Stephen wrote in his blog....

Wed September 1st: Flew in, big housing dilemma, hotel for the night, yummy food at JG Melon. Hot Hot Hot!
Stephen took this in Central Park

Thurs September 2nd: Waken up by a fire alarm, got cold breakfast, saw first dead cockroach...one night in this hotel was good for us! Moved in, nice and cozy...Stephen was in disbelief that everything of mine fit. Then we ran errands; whole foods (biggest store I have ever been in), target, and best buy in East Harlem. Get pizza for dinner. Settle back at home with some cold beer. Still Hot and Humid!

Fri September 3rd: First night in our little toasty room, it was hard to fall asleep but eventually sleep came and we awoke the next morning, well afternoon, ready to go. We decided to find Stephen's route to work, so we would be prepared on our first day. We took to train to Harold's Square, in the fashion District, and walked to Richard Pierce's studio. We had bought unlimited ride metrocards which definitely came in handy! We got lost, multiple times. We ventured back to East Harlem to return some things and then found out that the MoMA is free on Friday nights from 4-8. So we jumped on the subway and headed over. There was some amazing exhibits, including Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh. It was amazing to see the actual pieces hanging there in front of you, breathe taking. Chinese was on the menu for dinner and it was delicious! We watched Titanic, drank some over priced champagne, and called it a night.
Andy Warhol

First stop on my route to work! Duh.
Sat September 4th: The weather was finally a comfortable temperature, about mid 70's. Today was my turn to find my route to work! We ran into a few bumps on the subway but I pretty much got it figured out...I think!! We walked around Washington Square Park and saw some street performers and then heard our tummy's rumbling! We figured out that we were close to Katz Deli, which is famous or their HUGE pastrami on rye sandwichs! We actually heard about it off of the show Man vs. Food, one of our favorites. I don't eat that much meat but I must say this was pretty damn good!! Stephen and I shared the 16$ sandwich and were both fully satisfied as we wobbled our full tummies out of the restaurant. Stephen has some problem's with his feet, for some reason his heel rubs through the back in like 2 months. So we set out to find him some new shoes! Found Journey's purchased some Van's and headed to Whole Foods for some grub. We caught the last showing of The Switch, it was pretty good, then off to bed.

Sun September 5th: We woke up a little later than planned :/ but we were determined to go spend the beautiful day at the zoo, which didn't quite happen. We got lost in Central Park, twice. We even tried to follow some couple with a little girl in a stroller, soon to find out there didn't know where the Zoo was either! Once we finally found it, there was a line a mile long, we decided to skip the zoo for the day. We decided the next place to explore would be SoHo, so on the train we go. We both fell in love with SoHo, the crowded streets, the arrangement of stores, and an amazing array of street artists. We stopped at a deli to pick up some sandwiches and found a park to sit, eat, and people watch. Unfortunately the sandwiches weren't anything to rave about but we got back on our feet and walked around a little more, trying to see as much as we could. On our way back to the subway I happened to brush shoulders with Kanye West. I am not a uber fan or anything, nor did I say anything but I politely smiled and watched him walk by before I tugged on Stephen's shoulder with excitement. Later that evening we took of to Times Square. I have never been to New York so I was excited to see one of it's big attractions! It was crazy, to say the least. So many people and so bright it didn't even seem like nighttime. After staring in awe and cocking my  head in all different angles to take in all the ads and billboards we snuck away to a little place called Junior's Bakery. OH MY GOODNESS. We had stumbled upon the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. We picked out a slice of chocolate swirl cheesecake and I probably could have had the whole thing! We walked a little more around Times Square and then headed home. We have a big day tomorrow!!
Stephen's cool picture of Times Square

Mon September 6th: US Open here we come!!! My daddy treated Stephen and I to grounds passes today. We got to watch games on every court except Archer Ashe which is the big main one. But we spent most of the day on the outer courts watching the women's and men's doubles. I guess according to Stephen's blog, he didn't have as much fun as I did but I really did have a good time! We saw Nadal on the practice courts, Ellen DeGeneres filming a segment for her show and Venus Williams signing books. It was a long great day in the sun, but we eventually decided to head home. We slipped into bed early, nervous/excited for the first day of our internships tomorrow!!

Okay now we are all kind of caught up on some of my New York adventures...more to come! Soon, I promise but my eyes are starting to feel sleepy so I think this is all for tonight. Goodnight New York City. Goodnight California.

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