So, I have been busy trying to involve myself and my work on all the social networks out there. So far I have: facebook, facebook fan page, twitter, blogger, linked in, tumblr, model mayhem, model url, stumble upon, and if this even counts etsy.

I have also decided that this is going to be my personal blog. I will still share my photos but I need an outlet to write and this is going to be it. It is going to become very personal, just a warning. I am going to leave my inspirations and random stuff to my tumblr blog: caseyfyfe.tumblr.com. I will still be posting my own work here.

I have realized how much I miss writing. Wether it is about how I feel, what I saw today, the people I met, or just about my career, my trails and tribulations. I just want to start again, be able to release myself through writing. If I wasn't a photographer I would have done something with journalism or creative writing. The one class that I loved at SDSU was my creative writing class. Maybe I'll dig up some old stuff to post.

I am realizing more and more how much I want to do something to better the world. I love taking pictures of beautiful people but I am almost getting a feeling of disgust. Why do these people define beautiful, who looked at them and went "yes you are more beautiful than the rest"? My friend Morgan and I were discussing these things and I think she really made these feelings clear to me. Who wakes up one day, looks in the mirror and realizes, I am so amazing beautiful that I should represent all of the worlds standards on what is beautiful. And Morgan said, "that is the exact reflection of being self conscious". I can not say that I loath shooting people who are models. Many of times the person makes the picture, which is sad to say. I love watching someone get all done up with makeup and hair and just radiate in front of the camera.

I am making some MAJOR changes in my life. And I can't wait :)
stay tuned....

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