Back to School

So here I am back in Santa Barbara, which I must say welcomed me home with warm sunny days and smiling faces. Yesterday I worked my last day at my job at El Capitan Canyon :( I had been there since I first moved out here and started going to school. It's an amazing place and I loved everyone I worked with, the distance just became a little too far and I just got a job at my school. I work at our Cota campus as a lab TA, not the most technical job in the world but for the most part I get to work on school work and it's so much closer to me. But if you are ever coming to visit Santa Barbara look into them: This is their website: http://www.elcapitancanyon.com

I will miss it there!
But on to new things, new job, new classes, and almost a new home! That should be coming in June.

My class I am taking this session is Advertising 312. Which is the second advertising class at my school. It is going to be busy but it is the only class I have this session so I can work hard at it! I am excited to be busy again, its a nice push and keeps the motivation flowing. I am working on my prep week assignment and here are some advertisments I am analyzing...

So this is some examples of stuff that we should be producing in this class, as well as, a ton of other conceptual advertising images! I will try to keep everything updated on here...plus write more.
I am going to leave you with a video of my break week. My friends and I enjoying ourselves in Gilroy, Santa Clara, and San Francisco...

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